Applications for Mac & Iphone

Tauʻolunga komipiuta also develops programs for Macos (Apple Macintosh) and ios (Apple iphone/ipad/ipod).

We can also make custom designed programs. Remember however, programming may be time consuming and therefore expensive.

Any questions? Contact:

If filing a bug report, mention device and system version used.

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Privacy policy

Tauʻolunga komipiuta does not collect any data, let alone private data, from any of its apps. As such we have no need of a privacy policy because we have nothing to store.

Tohitapu Tongan bible

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The bible and other holy books in the Tongan language. To quickly look up a favourite verse on your iphone, ipod, ipad, or mac without having to take a bible with you.

Ios/Ipados 10.3 or later (old version: 8.1); MacOS 10.15 or later; US$ 5 or equivalent


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Tohitapu, text copyrights

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Most books are from sources with copyright protection. However all of them agree to free distribution.

As such all books are FREE in-app purchases.

For more information and links, see the purchase page in the app.

Tohitapu, on MACOS

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Some people complained that they are unable to download any book when running the program on the Macintosh using Big Sur.

The problem seems to have been solved in MacOS 11.3 and later.

Another problem was the inability to make favourites in MacOS.

That problem was solved with MacOS 13 Ventura.


Tongan music notation editor

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Ios/Ipados 10.3 or later; MacOS 10.10 or later (version 35, 21 MB; version for 10.6 and 10.8 available on request); U$ 8 or equivalent;


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More about the Tongan music notation

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Bingo callout

Let the computer do the yelling for you

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Ios/Ipados 9.3.5 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; US$ 2 or equivalent


Listed on the GamesKey website

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Tongan hymns FWC, Himi SUTT

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All 858 hymns from the Wesleayn church with tuʻungafasi and lyrics, and you even can play them.

Ios/Ipados 12 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; US$ 10 or equivalent


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Psalms, hymns & spiritual songs

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Collected and published by Hayes press, Swindon, England

Ios/Ipados 12 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; FREE


Hayes press website

Pluterday 30 February

Local users direct buy

All programs can also be bought straight from Tauʻolunga komipiuta. Come to the shop with either your iphone, ipad or computer, flash drive, and pay at the spot the prices given below. Note that ios versions are issued under our own appleID

Overseas customer can use the buttons below to pay by card, and we email it to you on reception of the funds; in this case Mac versions only.

Order FWC hymns for Mac, T$ 20

Order Tuʻungafasi for Mac, T$ 15

Order Tohitapu for Mac, T$ 10

Order Bingo callout for Mac, T$ 5

Order Under the sun for Mac, T$ 10

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Under the sun

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Also known as geochron or day & night. Showing you day & night on earth, sun & moon positions, timezones, eclipses, tides, ice & snowcovers. Also as wall decoration.

Ios/Ipados/tvOS 14 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; US$ 7 or equivalent. Free 5 day tryout available.


See simplified demo

Under the sun SCREENSAVER

The program is also available as a free download of a screensaver, having all the features of the application, except other times and zooming. You can download it here, because Apple does not want to have such things on the Mac appstore.

Download the screensaver

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IMPORTANT: the map of the main program becomes hazy when the trial is over and you do not buy the program. The screensaver follows this haziness. Sorry, no free lunch.