Internet café

Internet access & computer use

During opening hours (Mon–Fri 8:30–17:00, Sat 8:30–12:00) you can use Apple computers with our (fast) internet connection, or for jobs such as writing letters.

Internet hosting & website design

Tauʻolunga komipiuta can design and create your website and host it as well for a very economical price.

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3 users

Computer use & internet café

4 imacs

Computer use: T$ 1 per 15 minutes or part of it with an internet cap of 100 MB; T$ 0,01 per additional MB.

We also provide the use of programs such as: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, iTunes.

More computer services

Black & white A4 printing: T$ 0,50 per copy; colour A4 printing: up to T$ 2,50 per copy; scanning/copying: T$ 0,50 per page; all prices tax included; discounts possible for larger quanitities.

You can also bring your own computer and connect to a ethernet cable or use the wireless connection.


Our internet is fast (for Tongan standards) up to 3 MByte/second, so you can easily consume a few paʻanga per minute if your computer or ipad or iphone starts to download updates in the background. Even if you do, supposedly, nothing, you will be charged!! Make sure that automatic updates are switched off before you connect your device.

2 users

iMacs of long ago

Our current webhosting customers

Some customers are old faithfulls, others come and go. Some customers design their own websites, but for most of the above, we did.

Web hosting

We have reserved space on a fast server in Florida and rent out space for websites, emails, and so on, depending on your needs and wishes.

Tax included, all prices subject to change at any time.

Domain names

Why still having to sign your mail with if it could be Once you have a site with a domainname, you can have your own email adresses. And in addition to just you could have pages such as

.to domain names are free for Tongan businesses, .com and .org are T$ 60 per year. And nowadays there are many other topdomain names to choose from.

Web design services

We can design webpages for you. The price is about T$ 100 for a page with text and pictures. A typical site would usually contain a few pages, for example:

But more advanced sites may want to have additional features, which are a few hundred paʻanga depending on complexity: