Applications for Mac & Iphone

Tauʻolunga komipiuta also develops programs for Macos (Apple Macintosh) and ios (Apple iphone/ipad/ipod).

We can also make custom designed programs. Remember however, programming may be time consuming and therefore expensive.

Any questions? Contact:

If filing a bug report, mention device and system version used.

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Tohitapu for ios
Tongan bible

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The bible in the Tongan language. For those people who want to quickly look up a favourite verse, but do not want to take an extra bible with them, yet have their iphone, ipod, ipad at hand all the time.

For ios 8.1 or later; US$ 5 or equivalent


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Tohitapu, text copyrights

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Translation by: James Baxley, 2014

Revised West edition, © public domain

Digital Bible Society

World Bibles

Can you add the original West and the classic Moulton translations?

Sorry, no; these are copyrighted by the Bible Society South Pacific.

Tuʻungafasi for Macos

Tongan music notation editor

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For system 10.8 or higher, version 3.25, 17 MB
DONATIONWARE (That is you get the MacOS version for FREE, but if you like it, you promise to send us a donation, be it money or whatever you think it is worth).

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Tuʻungafasi for ios

Tongan music notation editor

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For ios 9.0 or later; US$ 8 or equivalent


More about the Tongan music notation

Pluterday 30 February