Where we are

Nowadays there are many online maps eager to show you where Tauʻolunga komipiuta is located. Apple, Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, Here.

When we are

When the sun is above the horizon, but not on sun-day, there is a good chance we are open.

Mon–Fri 8:30–17:00, Sat 8:30–12:00

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Our hexagonal building


Look out for this sign along the Sālote road, Fasi & afi, Nukuʻalofa, Tongatapu.

Then you know you have reached us.

SUN & MOON, now, in Tonga'; time stands still'; S W N E S zenith nadir More astronomical morsels';

Tauʻolunga sundial

Transit of Venus

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More about the recording studio

Where is the recording studio?

None of the maps shows the recording studio. What happened?

The roof of our studio is green, and that does not show up easily among the verdant nature we are immersed in. Therefore all map makers did a bad job and missed it.

But do not worry, we are still there!

at night

We are in TONGA

if you still did not know…

What 3 words ?

With a accuracy of 3m, 3 words of What3words can send you to a unique spot on the world. For us they are: monotypes.flinch.utopia

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