Poster printing ‡ grafic designs

We can design businesscards, invitation cards, posters, booklets…

And print them, as small as A6 or as large as A1 or longer. We specialise in small runs, but we can provide you with print ready files if you want to take your design to a big printing press

Posters: normal paper: T$ 30/m; foto paper & transparancy: T$ 60/m

Video movies

We can also edit your video recordings, put them on DVD. And even make animations.

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Toko Taha

Sunrise: long ago
Sunset: today


Business cards, staff cards, you name it, we can make it.

Note the kupesi font: made by us long ago, now used by everybody.

class foto

ʻApiako ʻAta; this year's class

poster print

Our big printer can print posters up to 60cm wide (up to A1). Come with your foto and the frame you want to use, we scan it, embellish it, and print it on the size for the frame. We can also laminate it (up to A3).



Langi tauʻolunga & hiva kakala

This 272 pages book, featuring more than 100 popular tauʻolunga dance songs, is also one of our productions.

Stars over Tonga

This old 108 pages book is about astronomy, new and old, in Tonga. It is bilingual, English and Tongan, the translation done by Futa Helu. There are a few hard copies left in the Friendly islands bookshop; or you can ask us for a PDF

Order Stars over Tonga: emailed pdf, T$10



More about Langi tauʻolunga


Koe ng. fetuʻu ʻo Tonga
Stars over Tonga