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Apple products

  • thunderbolt 1\2
  • HDMI
  • USB-A (2,3)
  • USB-C, TB devices
  • USB-C cables, etc.
  • lightning
  • ethernet network
  • displayport, DVI
  • VGA
  • Apple watch
  • memory cards
  • flashdrives
  • harddisk & SSD
  • printing related
  • macbook related
  • ipad related
  • imac related
  • iphone related
  • poweradapters
  • cases, bags
  • CD, DVD
  • mouse, keyb., etc.
  • sound in/out
  • wireless
  • book,movie,game
  • screens
  • others

USB-C to lightning 2m cable

T$ 125.00 Apple MQGH2ZA/A

lightning to USB 3, camera adapter

T$ 160.00 Apple MK0W2AM/A

Beacon, wireless charger, Uniq; for iphone 8 or later

T$ 125.00 includes poweradapter

lightning to 3½mm audioplug adapter

T$ 45.00 Apple MMX62FE/A

20W USB-C power adapter

T$ 85.00 Apple MU7X2X/A; any iphone/ipad

Magsafe adapter for iphone 12 & SE2 or later (no charger)

T$ 170.00 Apple MHXH3AM/A

Iphone 11 pro/X/XS bumper case, red/clear stripe

T$ 90.00 rail only

iphone 11 pro clear case, Apple

T$ 170.00

USB-C to lightning 1m cable

T$ 85.00 Apple MM0A3FE/A