Tauʻolunga recording studio

In our studio we can do sound recordings and we have all the equipment to make a full album CD out of it. Unlike other studios who still do analog mixing with all the noise generation involved, we do all handling digitally in the computer for superior results.

Ideal for solo singers or small groups. With or without your own music.

We also have displays to facilitate the dubbing of movies into Tongan.

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acoustic guitar
electric guitar
inside studio


Standard recordings
Using studio time (≤ 3 hours) including mastering per songT$ 100 + T$ 15 per additional hour
Whole album (8 to 12 songs)T$ 800
Radio advertisement (≤ 2 minute, vocal only)T$ 50


Recording extras
Composing a beatT$ 50
Composing instrumental only (no recording)T$ 50 professional sound
Mixing music for hiphop, actionsong, etc. (≤ 3 minutes)T$ 30 + T$ 5 per additional minute